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Nighttime Combo Kit

This kit has 3 essential oils to help you have a good nights sleep.

Settle down from the stress of the day by applying a few rolls of Sensitive UNWIND Relaxing Blend to your wrist as the evening approaches. When you are ready for bed add 4 to 6 drops of the Lucid Dreaming Blend oil into your diffuser, and begin your journey to a deep restful sleep by applying 2 drops of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil to your pillow.

  Nighttime kit jade bloom

As of 12/13/2022 the Nighttime Combo Kit (include all 3 oils listed below) is available @ $28.95

LUCID Dreaming Blend (Therapeutic Grade) - 5 ML sold separately @ $14.95

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (Therapeutic Grade) - 10 ML sold separately @ $11.95

Sensitive UNWIND Relaxing Blend sold separately @ $14.95


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You may save more money when you purchase this "kit" as to buying all three products separately.

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