8 Simple Steps Towards a More Healthy Lifestyle

8 Simple Steps Towards a  More Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know only 12% of American adults are metabolically healthy?

Metabolic health is your body’s ability to maintain ideal levels of blood sugar, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist circumference. All of these statistics help measure your overall health. The better these numbers, the better your overall health. If you are not one of these people don't despair, we are here to help!

For a few moments we will share 8 simple steps you can take today your journey towards greater physical wellness.

1. Eat Healthy Foods

You can’t change your diet overnight. But you can make healthier choices. Start by getting rid of junk food, or at the very least hiding it out of sight or somewhere hard to get to.

Put healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in easy to reach places so you’re more likely to snack on them instead. Spend some time each week prepping veggies so they’re easy to add to a dish, or easy to munch on.

Each week, try a new healthy recipe and find new foods you love. Changing your diet takes time, but every time you make a healthy choice, you’re setting yourself up for a better life.

2. Move Every Day

You know you need to exercise more. But here’s the cool thing. You don’t need to hit the gym to get the benefits of exercising more. The healthiest people incorporate movement into their daily lifestyle, not just at the gym.

Start just by moving more. Set a reminder on your phone to stand up every hour for three minutes or so. Take a walk during lunch. Park at the back of the parking lot. Always take the stairs.

But you should also find a form of movement you love. While lifting weights and cardio are important, exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you enjoy walking through your neighborhood or local park, bike riding, yoga, dancing, or any other thing that gets you moving, pursue that!

3. Set a Regular Sleep Schedule

Sleep is a fundamental core to maintaining proper health. In a perfect world, you’d get up and sleep with the sun cycle. Even if that’s not realistic for your lifestyle, you should still set a regular bedtime and wake up time you follow every day.

Highlight problems that keep you from getting good sleep. Upgrade your mattress or linens if you’re not comfortable, or buy blackout curtains if light keeps you awake. Set white noise or pink noise to help you sleep better.

Set up a night routine that can help your mind rest. Include things like journaling or setting up a diffuser with a lavender scent to help your brain fall asleep.

It’s also smart to stop using technology an hour before bed, and stop eating three hours before bed.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Get a water bottle you like and start carrying it with you everywhere. If you hate the taste of water, get an infuser and add cucumbers, mint, strawberries, or lemon so you can enjoy it more.

Often just having water nearby will help you drink more. You can also set triggers throughout your day to remind you to drink, like immediately after getting up, or before a mealtime.

5. Manage Stress in Your Life

Meditating, praying and journaling are often the best DIY ways to manage stress. But it’s also a good idea to find someone you can confide, whether it’s a close friend or family member or a therapist.

It’s also a good idea to create space in your life to relax and have fun. 

6. Build a Strong Social Circle

Spend time with your friends, family, and community. Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken with in a long time, or join a new group or club. Try to set up a regular coffee date or brunch time with friends, and get to know your neighbors. Perhaps you can introduce yourself to a co-worker, club or church member who seems to be someone you have a good feeling about.

7. Don’t Skip Doctors Appointments

Make sure you visit the doctor and dentists as often as recommended. Early detection is the key to treating most terminal diseases, and these diseases can’t be detected early if you never visit the doctor.

Make sure you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled in the future. Visit the dentist, doctor, and eye doctor regularly. If you haven’t in a while, schedule an appointment today.

8. Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Your Products

Personal products and cleaning solutions often have a lot of chemicals that we don’t know exactly what they do. What’s scary is as more research comes out, we find that they have negative health impacts we didn’t even know about.

These are things like phthalates, sulfuric acid, ammonia, and much more. In fact, out of the thousands of chemicals that go into cleaning products, we only have a full toxicity report for 7% of them. 

Start learning about the most common chemicals in cleaning and personal products, and learn to spot them in your products. Then replace them with safer alternatives. All natural deodorants, tooth pastes and 100% essential oils such as peppermint  to disinfect your home may be great alternatives.

The fewer toxins your body has to process, the less stress and inflammation you put your body through. Plus eliminating these toxins can lower your risks for long-term deadly diseases like cancer. Ingredients like triclosan, bisphenol A, phthalates, parabens, and alkylphenols have all been linked to breast cancer. 

The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle Outweigh the Work 

There are a lot of benefits of a healthy lifestyle. While it does take work to get there, the fundamentals are easy to understand and implement. The pros far outweigh the effort it takes to establish healthy habits.

So follow these tips for living a healthy life, and enjoy living your best life.

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