Born in upstate New York, at an early age LaMar was known for his interest in religion.  He remembers as early as 10 years old, sitting at the kitchen table voluntarily reading the Bible by himself. Although he struggled with many of the words and meanings it contained, he knew that someday they’d be important and would make sense.

As a child, LaMar was also a prudent saver and was known as the “kid who always had money”. He remembers saving his candy money for weeks to have enough money to buy toys.

LaMar was not known as a problem child in school. However, he was identified as a slow reader which had an impact on his grades, especially during elementary learning. It wasn’t until he was at college that he discovered he has a form of reading dyslexia. Nevertheless, LaMar excelled in college and often registered for classes beyond his metrication and succeeded with honors.

Reflecting on his professional career, LaMar is happy to say that he achieved most of his goals. Focusing on the financial industry, he received his first investment sales license when he was 23.  From there he went on to serve as a financial consultant for more than a decade. He expanded his expertise in that industry by performing several high-profile leadership roles within some of the largest financial institutions in America. LaMar is most proud of the many people he’s provided with career coaching.

He has enjoyed many opportunities to travel throughout the country, coaching other financial consultants on methods to improve their skills. He even wrote one of his past employer’s sales manual. One of LaMar’s most exciting times was traveling as a public speaker for the companies he represented, and at one point he was the monthly commentator on a closed caption investment-focused broadcast.

If you ask LaMar what he enjoys doing the most, he will quickly say, growing plants, walking barefoot outside, exercising, photography and writing! Aside from being a father of two, LaMar believes writing his first book Triangle of the Soul, was one of his most challenging and proud achievements.

LaMar is excited about being an owner of the Butterflynetwork LLC, as it allows him to combine his love of writing, strategic planning, creative thinking, marketing, and the pure joy of helping others find more fulfillment in life!