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LUCID - Dream Oil Blend with Bulgarian Rose

A few deep breathes and visualize yourself falling asleep.

For best results use both topically and aromatically. Massage 2 to 3 drops into the back of your neck at the top of the spine and as LUCID permeates your skin and into your blood, your body will be prepared to more quickly enter a deep sleep.  

The ongoing inhalation of LUCID as you diffuse it through the night will help keep you in a deep sleep and better prepare you to have successful LUCID dreams.

Keep a dream journal by your bed and get in the habit of writing down your dreams each morning first thing when you wake.

 Soothe Muscle


As of 12/13/2022 the Nighttime Combo Kit (include all 3 oils listed below) is available @ $28.95

LUCID Dreaming Blend (Therapeutic Grade) - 5 ML sold separately @ $14.95

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (Therapeutic Grade) - 10 ML sold separately @ $11.95

Sensitive UNWIND Relaxing Blend sold separately @ $14.95


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The primary function of this essential oil blend to to help you enter REMS (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) more quickly each night and induces LUCID dreaming state. To our knowledge, there is no other essential oil blend created specifically for this purpose.

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